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SEC Filings

DITECH HOLDING CORP filed this Form 10-K on 04/16/2019
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(A) of the definition thereof occurs, the Target Amortization Amount shall equal the remaining Note Balance outstanding upon the occurrence of the Expected Repayment Date and is payable in full on such Expected Repayment Date, regardless of whether such Expected Repayment Date is a Payment Date or not.
Target Amortization Event” for each Class of the Series 2019-VF1 Notes, means the earlier of (A) the related Expected Repayment Date for such Class (the Target Amortization Period with respect to which, notwithstanding the provisions of Section 4.12 of the Base Indenture to the contrary, shall commence automatically on the date specified in the definition of “Expected Repayment Date” in this Indenture Supplement) or (B) the occurrence of any of the following conditions or events, which is not waived by the Series Required Noteholders of the Series 2019-VF1 Notes:
on any Payment Date, the arithmetic average of the Net Proceeds Coverage Percentage determined for such Payment Date and the two preceding Payment Dates is less than five times the percentage equivalent of a fraction (A) the numerator of which equals the accrued Interest Payment Amounts for each Class of all Outstanding Notes on such date and (B) the denominator of which equals the aggregate average Note Balances of each Class of Outstanding Notes during the related Monthly Advance Collection Period;
the occurrence of one or more Servicer Termination Events (but not including any Servicer Termination Events that are solely due to the breach of one or more Collateral Performance Tests), since the Effective Date, with respect to Securitization Trusts representing 15% or more (by Securitization Trust Asset balance as of the date of termination) of all Securitization Trusts (including those that have been the subject of a previous Servicer Termination Event) as of any date of determination;
the Monthly Reimbursement Rate is less than 8.00%;
following a Payment Date on which a draw is made on the Series 2019-VF1 Reserve Account, the amount on deposit in the Series 2019-VF1 Reserve Account is not increased back to the related Series Reserve Required Amount on or prior to the next Payment Date;
any failure by the Administrator to deliver any Determination Date Administrator Report pursuant to Section 3.2 of the Base Indenture which continues unremedied for a period of five (5) Business Days after a Responsible Officer of the Administrator shall have obtained actual knowledge of such failure, or shall have received written or electronic notice from the Indenture Trustee or any Noteholder of such failure;