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SEC Filings

DITECH HOLDING CORP filed this Form 10-K on 04/16/2019
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with respect to the Class A-VF1 Notes, $52,105,264;
with respect to the Class B-VF1 Notes, $9,473,684;
with respect to the Class C-VF1 Notes, $9,473,684; and
with respect to the Class D-VF1 Notes, $18,947,368.
Maximum Weighted Average Advance Rate” means (i) if the Monthly Reimbursement Rate is less than 14%, 90% or (ii) if the Monthly Reimbursement Rate is greater than or equal to 14%, 95%.
Monthly Payment” means, with respect to any Securitization Trust Asset, the monthly scheduled principal and interest payments required to be paid by the Mortgagor on any due date with respect to such Securitization Trust Asset.
Monthly Reimbursement Rate” means, as of any date of determination, the arithmetic average of the fractions (expressed as percentages), determined for each of the three (3) most recently concluded calendar months, obtained by dividing (i) the aggregate Advance Reimbursement Amounts collected by the Servicer and deposited into the Trust Accounts during such calendar month by (ii) the sum, on an aggregate basis, for each Securitization Trust, of the highest Receivable Balance of the related Receivables during such calendar month relating to Advances funded by the Servicer in respect of such Securitization Trust.
Net Proceeds Coverage Percentage” means, for any Payment Date, the percentage equivalent of a fraction, (i) the numerator of which equals the amount of Collections on Receivables deposited into the Collection and Funding Account during the related Monthly Advance Collection Period and (ii) the denominator of which equals the aggregate average outstanding Note Balances of all Outstanding Notes during such Monthly Advance Collection Period.
Note Interest Rate” means, with respect to any Interest Accrual Period for each Class of the Series 2019-VF1 Notes, the sum of (A) the Cost of Funds Rate for such Interest Accrual Period plus (B) the applicable Margin.
Note Purchase Agreement” means the Note Purchase Agreement, dated as of the Issuance Date (as may be amended, restated or supplemented from time to time), by and among the Issuer, the Depositor and Barclays, as the Administrative Agent and as Initial VFN Noteholder, which relates to the purchase of the Series 2019-VF1 Notes specified therein.
Note Rating Agency” None. There are no Note Rating Agencies rating any Outstanding Class of Notes.