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SEC Filings

DITECH HOLDING CORP filed this Form 10-K on 04/16/2019
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Guarantor” means Ditech Holding Corporation.
Guaranty” means that certain Master DIP Guaranty, dated as of the Effective Date, by the Guarantor (as defined therein) in favor of Administrative Agent (as defined therein), for the benefit of Buyers (as defined therein) and the other Buyer Parties (as defined therein), as the same may be amended, restated, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time, pursuant to which the Guarantor fully and unconditionally guarantees the obligations of Seller hereunder.
HECM Buyout Loan” means a mortgage loan that (a) is insured by FHA and for which no insurance claim payments have been made by FHA, (b) has been purchased out of a Ginnie Mae Security, (c) was a Ginnie Mae Mortgage Loan prior to having been purchased out of a Ginnie Mae Security, (d) is a home equity conversion mortgage loan secured by a first lien, and (e) includes all payments made to or on behalf of the related borrower(s) under the related Mortgage Note.
HECM Obligor” means, with respect to any Mortgage Loan, the Person or Persons obligated to pay the indebtedness under such Mortgage Loan.
HECM Tail” means the aggregate of any additional amounts, including but not limited to amounts created by additional draws by a HECM Obligor, interest accruals, mortgage insurance premiums, fees, or charges, which accrue, are disbursed or are added to the balance of a previously-securitized Mortgage Loan after the closing date of any prior securitization of the Mortgage Loan or any prior HECM Tail related thereto.
Hedge Instrument” means any interest rate cap agreement, interest rate floor agreement, interest rate swap agreement or other interest rate hedging agreement entered into by RMS with a counterparty reasonably acceptable to Agent, in each case with respect to the Mortgage Loans.
HUD” means the Department of Housing and Urban Development, or any federal agency or official thereof which may from time to time succeed to the functions thereof with regard to FHA mortgage insurance. The term “HUD,” for purposes of this Agreement, is also deemed to include subdivisions thereof such as the FHA and Ginnie Mae.
Inactive HECM Buyouts” has the meaning assigned thereto in the Pricing Side Letter.
Income” means, with respect to any Purchased Asset at any time, any principal and/or interest thereon and all dividends, sale proceeds, liquidation proceeds and all other proceeds as defined in Section 9-102(a)(64) of the Uniform Commercial Code and all other collections and distributions thereon (including, without limitation, any proceeds received in respect of mortgage insurance, including any related HUD/FHA insurance coverage).