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SEC Filings

DITECH HOLDING CORP filed this Form 10-K on 04/16/2019
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of any law, regulation or any guideline or request from any central bank or other Governmental Authority whether or not having the force of law, there shall be an increase in the cost to such Purchaser or its Affiliate in engaging in the present or any future Transactions (it being understood that a Purchaser will make the foregoing determinations consistent with those made with respect to similar borrowers or sellers under similar credit or repurchase agreements), then Seller shall, from time to time and upon demand by such Purchaser, compensate such Purchaser or its Affiliate for such increased costs, and such amounts shall be deemed a part of the Obligations hereunder. Any such Purchaser shall provide Seller with notice as to any such Change in Law, change in accounting rules or change in compliance promptly following such Purchaser’s receipt of actual knowledge thereof.
(h)    Seller shall indemnify each Purchaser and hold such Purchaser harmless from any losses, costs and/or expenses that such Purchaser may sustain or incur as a result of terminating any Transaction on or before a Repurchase Date arising from the reemployment of funds obtained by such Purchaser hereunder or from actual out-of-pocket fees and expenses payable to terminate the deposits from which such funds were obtained (“Breakage Costs”). Agent shall deliver to Seller a statement setting forth the amount and basis of determination of any Breakage Costs in such detail as determined in good faith by Agent (in consultation with such Purchaser) to be adequate, it being agreed that such statement and the method of its calculation shall be adequate and shall be conclusive and binding upon Seller, absent manifest error. The provisions of this Section ‎3(h) shall survive termination of this Agreement.
(i)    If on any Business Day Agent determines (which determination shall be conclusive absent manifest error) (a) that adequate and reasonable means do not exist for ascertaining LIBOR; or (b) that LIBOR will not adequately and fairly reflect the cost to any Purchaser of entering into or maintaining outstanding Transactions; or (c) that it has become unlawful for it to honor its obligation to enter into or maintain outstanding Transactions hereunder using LIBOR, then Agent shall give notice thereof to Seller by telephone, facsimile, or other electronic means as promptly as practicable thereafter and, until Agent notifies Seller that the circumstances giving rise to such notice no longer exist, the Pricing Rate included in any Confirmation with respect to new Transactions and in any calculation of the Price Differential with respect to outstanding Transactions will be determined, subject to the timely approval of Seller after receipt of notice of such revised rate, at a rate per annum that Agent determine in its reasonable discretion adequately reflects the cost to any Purchaser of making or maintaining such Transactions.
(j)    REO Property.
(i)    Seller has taken all actions necessary to fully establish the REO Subsidiary, including, but without limitation, filing a certificate of formation with the applicable state and executing the LLC Agreement.