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SEC Filings

DITECH HOLDING CORP filed this Form 10-K on 04/16/2019
Entire Document

The Seller Mortgage Loan Schedule with respect to such Eligible Assets, delivered pursuant to Section ‎3(c);
Such certificates, customary opinions of counsel or other documents as Agent may reasonably request; provided that such opinions of counsel shall not be required routinely in connection with each Transaction but shall only be required from time to time as deemed necessary by Agent in its commercially reasonable judgment; provided further that Seller may provide such opinions of counsel or other documents to Agent within ten (10) Business Days following such Purchase Date;
(x) With respect to an Eligible Asset that is either an Eligible Mortgage Loan or the REO Asset, the applicable deliverables set forth in Section 3 of the Custodial Agreement; and (y) with respect to an Eligible Asset that is Ginnie Mae Tail HMBS, the related Required Delivery Items;
No material disruption of claims payments on FHA insured loans shall have occurred (other than any such material disruption that is generally affecting non-bank mortgage servicers and originators with similar claims);
Purchasers shall have completed, to their satisfaction their due diligence review of the Purchased Assets so as to enable Purchasers to confirm the accuracy of the Seller’s representations and warranties as to the Purchased Assets;
No stay of the Interim DIP Order (or, after entry thereof, the Final DIP Order), the Interim Cash Management Order (or, after entry thereof, the Final Cash Management Order) and/or any Interim OCB Order (or, after entry thereof, any Final OCB Order) shall have occurred (all defined terms as defined in the Omnibus Agreement);
A duly executed Warehouse Lender’s Release from any Warehouse Lender (including any party that has a precautionary security interest in a Mortgage Loan) having a security interest in any Mortgage Loans, substantially in the form of Exhibit E, addressed to each Purchaser and Agent, releasing any and all of its right, title and interest in, to