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SEC Filings

DITECH HOLDING CORP filed this Form 10-K on 04/16/2019
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(iv)    If a successor servicer takes delivery of such Mortgage Loans and rights to service such REO Properties either under the circumstances set forth in Section ‎16(i) or otherwise, all amounts deposited in the Collection Account shall be paid to Agent for the benefit of Purchasers promptly upon such delivery.
(g)    [Reserved].
(h)    With respect to each Eligible Mortgage Loan, RMS shall (i) complete the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s form for Single-Family Application for Insurance Benefits in its own name, (ii) ensure the details for such Mortgage Loan on the Home Equity Reverse Mortgage Information Technology (HERMIT) servicing system reflect that the Investor Name in the “Servicer Information” section provides RMS’s name, (iii) service such Mortgage Loan in Strict Compliance with all FHA requirements and (iv) deposit all FHA claims payments on such Mortgage Loan into the Collection Account within two (2) Business Days of receipt thereof.
(i)    Servicer Termination. Agent, in its sole discretion, may terminate RMS’s rights and obligations as subservicer of the affected Mortgage Loans and REO Properties and require RMS to deliver the related Servicing Records to Agent or its designee upon the occurrence of (i) an Event of Default or (ii) upon the expiration of the Servicing Term as set forth in Section ‎16(b) by delivering written notice to RMS requiring such termination. Such termination shall be effective upon RMS’s receipt of such written notice; provided, that RMS’s subservicing rights shall be terminated immediately upon the occurrence of a Servicer Termination Event, regardless of whether notice of such event shall have been given to or by Agent, any Purchaser or RMS. Upon any such termination, all authority and power of RMS respecting its rights to subservice and duties under this Agreement relating thereto, shall pass to and be vested in the successor servicer appointed by Agent and Agent is hereby authorized and empowered to transfer such rights to subservice the Mortgage Loans and REO Properties for such price and on such terms and conditions as Agent shall reasonably determine. RMS shall promptly take such actions and furnish to Agent such documents that Agent deems necessary or appropriate to enable Agent to enforce such Mortgage Loans and manage such REO Properties and shall perform all acts and take all actions so that the Mortgage Loans and REO Properties and all files and documents relating to such Mortgage Loans and REO Properties held by RMS, together with all escrow amounts relating to such Mortgage Loans and REO Properties, are delivered to the successor servicer, including but not limited to preparing, executing and delivering to the successor servicer any and all documents and other instruments, placing in the successor servicer’s possession all Servicing Records pertaining to such Mortgage Loans and REO Properties and doing or causing to be done, all at RMS’s sole expense. To the extent that the approval of Ginnie Mae is required for any such sale or transfer, RMS shall fully cooperate with Agent to obtain such approval. All amounts paid by any purchaser of such rights to service or subservice the Mortgage Loans and REO Properties shall be the Property of Agent for the benefit of Purchasers. The subservicing rights required to be delivered to the successor servicer in accordance with this