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SEC Filings

DITECH HOLDING CORP filed this Form 10-K on 04/16/2019
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(e)    The Mortgage in respect of such Mortgage Loan is a valid first lien on the Mortgaged Property and is covered by an attorney’s opinion of title acceptable to HUD or by a policy of title insurance on a standard ALTA or similar lender’s form in favor of Seller or the Nominee and its assigns, subject only to exceptions permitted by HUD. Seller or the Nominee shall hold for the benefit of Agent for the benefit of Purchasers such policy of title insurance and, upon request of Agent, shall immediately deliver such policy to Agent or to the Custodian on behalf of Agent;
(f)    Such Mortgage Loan is insured by the FHA under the National Housing Act and is not subject to any defect that would prevent recovery in full or in part against the FHA;
(g)    [Reserved];
(h)    [Reserved];
(i)    [Reserved];
(j)    There are no restrictions, contractual or governmental, which would impair the ability of RMS or Servicer from servicing such Mortgage Loan;
(k)    The original Mortgage in respect of such Mortgage Loan has been sent for recordation in the appropriate public recording office in the applicable jurisdictions wherein such recordation is necessary to perfect the lien thereof as against creditors of the applicable Mortgagor;
(l)    The applicable Mortgagor is one or more natural persons and/or trustees for an Illinois land trust or a trustee under a “living trust” and such “living trust” is in compliance with HUD’s guidelines for such trusts;
(m)    [Reserved];
(n)    No predatory, abusive or deceptive lending practices, including but not limited to, the extension of credit to the applicable Mortgagor that has no tangible net benefit to such Mortgagor, were employed in connection with the origination of such Mortgage Loan;
(o)    [Reserved];
(p)    If such Mortgage Loan was pledged to another warehouse, credit, repurchase or other financing facility immediately prior to the related Purchase Date, (i) such pledge has been released immediately prior to, or concurrently with, the related Purchase Date hereunder and (ii) Purchasers and Agent have received a Warehouse Lender’s Release Letter in respect of such Mortgage Loan;

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