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SEC Filings

DITECH HOLDING CORP filed this Form 10-K on 04/16/2019
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(q)    Such Mortgage Loan has not been released from the possession of the Custodian, under Section 5 of the Custodial Agreement, to Seller for a period in excess of fifteen (15) calendar days (or if such fifteenth day is not a Business Day, the next succeeding Business Day) or such earlier time period as indicated on the related Request for Release of Documents, unless such Mortgage Loan (1) has been released pursuant to an Attorney Bailee Letter (as defined in the Custodial Agreement) or (2) is held by the Seller pending submission to HUD for assignment;
(r)    Such Mortgage Loan has not been selected in a manner so as to adversely affect the interests of any Purchaser or Agent for the benefit of Purchasers;
(s)    [Reserved];
(t)    [Reserved];
(u)    Except as allowable under the FHA HECM program, such Mortgage Loan has no future disbursement obligation and is secured by a first lien on an underlying property;
(v)    Final proceeds in respect of a sales-based claim have not been received by the date such proceeds are required to be received;
(w)    Such Mortgage Loan is not secured by property located in (i) a state Seller is not licensed as a lender/mortgage banker if such licensing is required or (ii) a state that Agent determines to be unacceptable, and provides thirty (30) days’ written notice to Seller because of a predatory lending or other law in such state;
(x)    [Reserved];
(y)    Such Mortgage Loan relates to Mortgaged Property that consists of (i) a detached single family dwelling, (ii) a two-to-four family dwelling, (iii) a one-family dwelling unit in a condominium project, (iv) a townhouse, (v) a detached single family dwelling in a planned unit development or (vi) a mobile home, none of which is a cooperative or commercial property; and is not related to Mortgaged Property that consists of (a) mixed use properties, (b) earthen homes or (c) underground homes;
(z)    There is no action, suit, proceeding or investigation pending, or threatened, that is related to such Mortgage Loan and likely to affect materially and adversely such Mortgage Loan;
(aa)    There are no defaults in complying with the terms of the Mortgage corresponding to such Mortgage Loan, and there are no delinquent taxes, governmental assessments, insurance premiums, leasehold payments, ground rents, water, sewer and municipal charges, including assessments payable in future installments or any other charge affecting the lien priority of the

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