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SEC Filings

DITECH HOLDING CORP filed this Form 10-K on 04/16/2019
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8.    Security Interest
a.    On each Purchase Date, Seller hereby sells, assigns and conveys all rights and interests in the Purchased Mortgage Loans identified on the related Mortgage Loan Schedule and the Repurchase Assets to Administrative Agent for the benefit of Buyers and Repledgees. Although the parties intend that all Transactions hereunder be sales and purchases and not loans, in the event any such Transactions are deemed to be loans, and in any event, Seller hereby pledges to Administrative Agent as security for the performance by Seller of its Obligations and hereby grants, assigns and pledges to Administrative Agent a fully perfected first priority security interest in the Purchased Mortgage Loans, any Agency Security or right to receive such Agency Security when issued to the extent backed by any of the Purchased Mortgage Loans, the Records, and all related Servicing Rights, the Program Agreements (to the extent such Program Agreements and Seller’s right thereunder relate to the Purchased Mortgage Loans), any related Take-out Commitments, any Property relating to the Purchased Mortgage Loans, all insurance policies and insurance proceeds relating to any Purchased Mortgage Loan or the related Mortgaged Property, including, but not limited to, any payments or proceeds under any related primary insurance, hazard insurance and FHA Mortgage Insurance Contracts and VA Loan Guaranty Agreements (if any), Income, the Collection Account, Interest Rate Protection Agreements, accounts (including any interest of Seller in escrow accounts) and any other contract rights, instruments, accounts, payments, rights to payment (including payments of interest or finance charges), general intangibles and other assets, in each case, relating to the Purchased Mortgage Loans (including, without limitation, any other accounts) or any interest in the Purchased Mortgage Loans, and any proceeds (including the related securitization proceeds) and distributions with respect to any of the foregoing and any other property, rights, title or interests as are specified on a Transaction Notice and/or Trust Receipt, in all instances, whether now owned or hereafter acquired, now existing or hereafter created (collectively, the “Repurchase Assets”).
b.    The Seller acknowledges that it has no rights to service the Purchased Mortgage Loans. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing and in the event that the Seller is deemed to retain any residual Servicing Rights, and for the avoidance of doubt, Seller grants, assigns and pledges to Administrative Agent for the benefit of Buyers a security interest in the Servicing Rights and proceeds related thereto and in all instances, whether now owned or hereafter acquired, now existing or hereafter created. The foregoing provision is intended to constitute a security agreement or other arrangement or other credit enhancement related to this Agreement and Transactions hereunder as defined under Sections 101(47)(A)(v) and 741(7)(A)(xi) of the Bankruptcy Code.
c.    Seller agrees to execute, deliver and/or file such documents and perform such acts as may be reasonably necessary to fully perfect Administrative Agent’s security interest created hereby. Furthermore, the Seller hereby authorizes Administrative Agent to file financing statements relating to the Repurchase Assets, as Administrative Agent, at its option, may deem appropriate. The Seller shall pay the filing costs for any financing statement or statements prepared pursuant to this Section 8.

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