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SEC Filings

DITECH HOLDING CORP filed this Form 10-K on 04/16/2019
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f.    With respect to each Wet-Ink Mortgage Loan, (i) Seller shall wire the Haircut Amount to the Operating Account in accordance with the Custodial and Disbursement Agreement and (ii) by no later than the Wet-Ink Delivery Date, Seller shall cause the related Settlement Agent to deliver to the Custodian the remaining documents in the Mortgage File, as more particularly set forth in the Custodial and Disbursement Agreement.
4.    Repurchase
a.    Seller shall repurchase the related Purchased Mortgage Loans from Administrative Agent for the benefit of Buyers on each related Repurchase Date. In addition, Seller may repurchase Purchased Mortgage Loans without penalty or premium on any date. If Seller intends to make such a repurchase, Seller shall give one (1) Business Day’s prior written notice to Administrative Agent, designating the Purchased Mortgage Loans to be repurchased. Such obligation to repurchase exists without regard to any prior or intervening liquidation or foreclosure with respect to any Purchased Mortgage Loan (but liquidation or foreclosure proceeds received by Administrative Agent shall be applied to reduce the Repurchase Price for such Purchased Mortgage Loan on each Price Differential Payment Date except as otherwise provided herein). Seller is obligated to repurchase and take physical possession of the Purchased Mortgage Loans from Administrative Agent or its designee (including the Custodian) at Seller’s expense on the related Repurchase Date.
b.    Provided that no Default shall have occurred and is continuing, and Administrative Agent has received the related Repurchase Price (excluding accrued and unpaid Price Differential, which, for the avoidance of doubt, shall be paid on the next succeeding Price Differential Payment Date) upon repurchase of the Purchased Mortgage Loans, Administrative Agent and Buyers will each be deemed to have released their respective interests hereunder in the Purchased Mortgage Loans (including, the Repurchase Assets related thereto) at the request of Seller. The Purchased Mortgage Loans (including the Repurchase Assets related thereto) shall be delivered to Seller free and clear of any lien, encumbrance or claim of Administrative Agent or the Buyers. With respect to payments in full by the related Mortgagor of a Purchased Mortgage Loan, Seller agrees to immediately remit (or cause to be remitted) to Administrative Agent for the benefit of Buyers the Repurchase Price with respect to such Purchased Mortgage Loan. Administrative Agent and Buyers agree to release their respective interests in Purchased Mortgage Loans which have been prepaid in full after receipt of evidence of compliance with the immediately preceding sentence.
5.    Price Differential.
a.    On each Business Day that a Transaction is outstanding, the Pricing Rate shall be reset and, unless otherwise agreed, the accrued and unpaid Price Differential shall be settled in cash on each related Price Differential Payment Date. Two (2) Business Days prior to the Price Differential Payment Date, Administrative Agent shall give Seller written or electronic notice of the amount of the Price Differential due on such Price Differential Payment Date. On the Price Differential Payment Date, Seller shall pay to Administrative Agent the Price Differential for the benefit of Buyers for such Price Differential Payment

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