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SEC Filings

DITECH HOLDING CORP filed this Form 424B1 on 09/16/1997
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capital stock entitled to be voted at the meeting. The charter of the Company
may be amended in accordance with Maryland law, subject to certain limitations
set forth in the charter.
     The Company's Board of Directors is authorized by the charter to fix or
alter the rights, preferences, privileges and restrictions of any series of
Preferred Stock, including the dividend rights, original issue price, conversion
rights, voting rights, terms of redemption, liquidation preferences and sinking
fund terms thereof, and the number of shares constituting any such series and
designating thereof, and to increase or decrease the number of shares of such
series subsequent to the issuance of shares of such series (but not below the
number of shares outstanding). As the terms of the Preferred Stock can be fixed
by the Board of Directors without shareholder action, the Board of Directors may
issue Preferred Stock with terms calculated to defeat a proposed takeover of the
Company or to make the removal of management more difficult. The Board of
Directors, without shareholder approval, could issue Preferred Stock with
dividend, voting, conversion and other rights which could adversely affect the
rights of the holders of Common Stock. The Company's Board of Directors
currently has no plans to issue shares of Preferred Stock in the Company. See
"Risk Factors -- Preferred Stock; Restrictions on Ownership of Common Stock;
Anti-takeover Risk."
     The Warrants will be issued pursuant to a warrant agreement (the "Warrant
Agreement") dated as of the closing of the Offering between the Company and the
warrant agent (the "Warrant Agent"). State Street Bank & Trust Company will
initially act as Warrant Agent. The following is a brief summary of certain
provisions of the Warrant Agreement and does not purport to be complete and is
qualified in its entirety by reference to the Warrant Agreement including the
definitions therein of certain terms used below. A copy of the proposed form of
Warrant Agreement to be filed as an exhibit to the Registration Statement of
which this Prospectus is a part. See "Additional Information."
     Each Unit consists of one share of Common Stock and one Warrant. The
Warrants will not become detachable from shares of Common Stock until six months
after the closing of the Offering. The Warrants will become exercisable six
months following the closing of the Offering and will remain exercisable until
5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the third anniversary of the date of this Prospectus
(the "Expiration Date") at the initial public offering price and will be subject
to certain anti-dilution protection. Each Warrant, when exercised, will entitle
the holder thereof to receive one share of Common Stock.
     The Warrants may be exercised by surrendering to the Warrant Agent the
definitive Warrant Certificates evidencing such Warrants, with the accompanying
form of election to purchase properly completed and executed, together with
payment of the exercise price. Payment of the exercise price may be made (a) in
the form of cash or by certified or official bank check payable to the order of
the Company, or (b) by surrendering additional Warrants or shares of Common
Stock for cancellation to the extent the Company may lawfully accept shares of
Common Stock, with the value of such shares of Common Stock for such purpose to
equal the average trading price of the Common Stock during the 20 trading days
preceding the date surrendered and the value of the Warrants to equal the
difference between such value of a share of Common Stock and the exercise price.
Upon surrender of the Warrant Certificate and payment of the exercise price and
any other applicable amounts, the Warrant Agent will deliver or cause to be
delivered, to or upon the written order of such holder, stock certificates
representing the number of whole shares of Common Stock or other securities or
property to which such holder is entitled. If less than all of the Warrants
evidenced by a Warrant certificate are to be exercised, a new Warrant
Certificate will be issued for the remaining number of Warrants.
     The Warrants are in registered form and may be presented to the Warrant
Agent for transfer, exchange or exercise at any time on or prior to 5:00 p.m.
Eastern Time on the Expiration Date, at which time the Warrants become wholly
void and of no value. The Company has applied to have the Warrants approved for
quotation on the American Stock Exchange. If a market for the Warrants develops,
the holder may sell the Warrants instead of exercising them. There can be no
assurance, however, that a market for the Warrants will develop or continue.